Tamar    - BA (Hons) Professional Dance Development 2:1 NATD qualification

Tamar - BA (Hons) Professional Dance Development 2:1 NATD qualification

Dance Practitioner & Dance Artist

Tamar is trained in Contemporary dance, Choreography, studied Hip Hop Culture and is currently training in West African and Caribbean dance practices.

Upon graduating in dance, Tamar has been proactive in Arts Education and Artist Development. Through this, assisting on youth projects with dance companies, coordinating after school clubs and embarking on international artist dance programmes. Tamar also admires working with local communities and delivers dance as a tool to build confidence in individuals and to encourage self expression. Read Tamar’s blog to learn more.

“ Travelling has enabled me to fully explore and embrace what the world has to offer. I have gained a wealth of inspiration due to travelling and collaborating with artists, schools and with my local community“ - Tamar

Experience & Professional Development

Bold Beautiful Self

Artist 4 Artist

Production Lab

Experimental Flow - Ecole Des Sables - Senegal

Erasmus+ Enterprise - Italy

TEFL International Teacher - Thailand

RDC Youth

Ace Dance and Music - Work placement

2Faced Dance Company - Work placement


Woman - Bold Beautiful Self

Experimental Flow sharing - Senegal

Word On The Street


International Dance Festival Birmingham




Birmingham Opera Company - The Wedding