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Unique Movez specialises in Hip Hop, House, Contemporary, Choreography and African and Caribbean dance practices.

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All ages

UNISON Sports Day event - Dance workshop

UNISON Sports Day event - Dance workshop

Community classes

Classes will return September 2019 - Watch this space!!!

Dance for film project ‘Flash’ w/ AJ the Cyper Cat

Dance for film project ‘Flash’ w/ AJ the Cyper Cat

Dance Education

…bringing unique movements and creative opportunities for schools, colleges and youth centres. Unique Movez encourages our young movers to embrace their artistry through dance and creative movement.

Join and let’s connect, create and collaborate together


  • To provide additional physical, artistic and cultural education through dance

  • To improve the mental wellbeing of children and young people by building artistry skillsets

  • To enrich the curiosity of diverse dance styles, offering a unique experience

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Professional Training - Express Ya Self

Express Ya Self: Women’s Only Dance Workshop part 3

Elevate your self-esteem and self-express through dance. Embrace your femininity, sisterhood and musicality and more…

30th June and 29th September

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