WORK: Managing work, dance and business

Hip Hip Hooray my working week is over. I worked 34 hours. Done and dusted. To me this IS a lot considering I am also having to juggle my own business, work freelance, being consistent with my social media presence (oh let’s not go there) AND everything else in between is better than nothing. This is nothing but the typical life of most dance artists. Taking up multiple jobs that flow into our life. Sounds creative and active but it sure doesn’t help when you want to settle and be grounded.

Count your blessings

At Sadler Wells 2017 ready to write up a review

At Sadler Wells 2017 ready to write up a review

I somehow managed. Yet by the end of the week I felt… good. Because I started my week off with a positive mindset. I reminded myself how work will be my financial reward in the long run. I reminded myself that it is good to actually get out and socialise more. At work especially. Since I often feel isolated when I work from home. I am sure many small business owners reading this may feel the same. Right?

So thinking about the positive outcomes and visualising the light at the end of the tunnel, truly helps. At work all week I supported the admin for Yuva Gati and U.Dance 2019. Oh the joy! (No really it was joyful). At least it is all dance related and fun. I do count my blessings and I strongly encourage you to do so too. Although I also work freelance, working within an Arts organisation offers me a myriad of opportunities. Opportunities I never thought I would go for or have access to. I have gained a greater insight into the management aspects of the arts industry e.g. art & culture, dance etc..


Youth & further opportunities

Both Yuva Gati and U.Dance are youth dance programmes, offering professional opportunities for young people across the nation. Notwithstanding this offers young people, the professional exposure to working creatively alongside choreographers. Well I am too old (just a little) to join else I’d defiantly participate. This is such an inspiration no matter your age. But hey, me getting involved in all the nitty gritty arts administration, assistance, coordination and simply working backstage is already an inspiration. Like I said.. count your blessings.

#Throwback workshop with Mr Wiggles 2014 at PHD Events Brixton

#Throwback workshop with Mr Wiggles 2014 at PHD Events Brixton

Work smarter not harder

How did I get here in the first place? Many ask. I simply took myself out of my box, took a deep breath and literally put myself out there. I got actively involved in local festivals, I took part in workshops, volunteered my time when and where I could. Nothing is handed to you on a plate. You have to do the work and cook up one spicy delicious plate for yourself. For those dance artists and creatives out there struggling to find work; show up and be ready to work SMART. Not harder but smarter. You must show up or go home.

Are you a dancer, artist, small business owner or entrepreneur? Are you struggling to find work or a means to create additional streams of income? Struggling to build your brand? Comment below and share your experiences. Ask questions and be honest.

Plus your feedback is appreciated. What are your thoughts on this blog?

Learn more about Yuva Gati and U.Dance plus learn more about our current youth dance opportunities (button below)

Thank you for reading. See you again next week same time