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Welcome Home – My outlook on Jamaica as a British Jamaican

Welcome Home - The Land of Wood and Water! My long stay trip to Jamaica 2019. Read and learn more about my outlook and experience in Jamaica as a British Jamaican. Work experience and volunteering abroad in Jamaica via Brouhaha UK and Manifesto Jamaica, dance training, community and youth development, culture & identity and more

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Dance injuries: REbuilding your confidence and physiological impact

Injuries can be a devastating experience for dancers, especially when they are at the peak of their careers and booming with opportunities. Dancers will experience some sort of injury at least once during their training. Despite facing injuries, this shouldn’t prevent dancers from pursing their dreams. Whether that is to be a performer, choreographer or an artistic director, always have faith in yourself to rise above the pain and keep it moving!

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WORK: Managing work, dance and business

Having to juggle my own business, work freelance, being consistent with my social media presence (oh let’s not go there) AND everything else in between is better than nothing. This is nothing but the typical life of most dance artists. Taking up multiple jobs that flow into our life. Sounds creative and active but it sure doesn’t help when you want to settle and be grounded.

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