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Series 1 - ‘An insight into YOUR dance journey’ - Inspiring and motivating youth

Formulated by: Tamar Dixon


Lidiaana (@lidiaanamusic) is an award-winning Eritrean  Singer/Producer, Model, TV presenter (, Charity owner, the owner of the dance company ‘Shégitu’ (@shegitudance) and a Confidence Coach. 

She is a self-love advocate and dedicates a lot of her time to spread positivity through her Happy Monday videos (#AfroliciousMonday) and more.

1. Tell us about yourself. What do you do and what is your main dance style you work in?

My name is Lidiaana and I am the creator of ‘Shégitu -Sensual Dance for Ladies’. 

Shégitu [SHAE-GEE-TO] is a sensual dance form for Women of all sizes and it's perfect for all levels. 

The idea behind Shégitu is to help Women embrace their femininity, increase their sex appeal and make them feel empowered - and all of that in heels of course. 

I offer group classes, theme parties, lap dance classes and confidence coaching.

Team Shegitu

Team Shegitu

2. Why dance? What or who initially inspired you to begin your dance journey?

I started being in musicals from the age of 6, so music, dance and acting were always a part of my life.

In my teenage years, I decided to take dance more serious and started competing in Germany and south Europe and even won the ‘Dance 4 Fans Hip Hop’ competition in 2001. Yasss 🏾

When I moved to London my focus was to sing but over the years I learned that it’s important to express my creativity through different channels as well as have multiple income streams.

PS: Actually, a friend of mine kept suggesting that I should teach dance after watching my ‘Happy Monday’ videos on Instagram, as I’m displaying various dance styles on there.... he bothered me so much with that, that I was like ‘ehhh why not’? 

During that time I was made redundant from my day job, this is why I feel that creating Shégitu was meant to be. 

3.  Where was you 5 years ago? (e.g. career, dance lifestyle, journey)

I was at University , studying music and recording my debut Album ‘How often’. 

Turning my passion for dance, into a business, wasn’t on my mind at that point.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

A millionaire, married and I would wanna have 2/3 kids. 

By that time,  Shégitu would have grown and it will have many different locations and instructors. Growth is key!

5. What challenges have you faced so far along your dance journey/practice?


6.  What has been your biggest achievement so far?

I can’t really say that there is one achievement , that has been the biggest. 

Inspiring people and helping to be a part of their healing journey through creative dance or through confidence building sessions, is something that makes me very proud. Seeing that they start loving themselves more and rebuilding their self esteem after a couple of sessions, makes me incredibly happy. 

7. If you could go back in time, what would you tell your young 16yr old self?

You are doing well, keep going sis!

8. What advice would you give to the younger (creative) generation?

Be consistent! 

I see so many people start something and not finishing it or talking about it and not even starting it. Consistency is the key , do what you said you would do and do it. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so stick to it, do it and keep believing that you will reach your goal. 

9. How do you stay focused, positive and motivated throughout your practice/training?

I meditate - staying aligned and clearing my energy is very important  to me.  I’m not only a dance teacher , I’m a coach - an energy producer, so it’s very important to go into my dance class with the right energy. 

And I have the most amazing friends in the world , they are supportive, inspiring, and I’m truly grateful for them. I wouldn’t be where I am today, without them. 

10. Random… But what do you do in your free time? When you aren’t in dance/work mode.

I love to watch movies (comedies), spend time with myself , eat , clean my place, sing, dance, pamper myself and swimming. 

Bonus question (optional): Any last few comments or words of encouragement for our inspired readers?

No matter what your passion is - focus on how you can build on it and use it to serve others positively.

Thank you Tamar, much love to you x

Thank you to Lidiaana for taking part in our INSiGHTZ series.

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