Freedom: When a dancer takes time off

So how does it feel when you take time off? What do you gain from taking time off? Freedom, time, productivity, self reflection? And so many other factors that can provide you with an enhanced lifestyle. In fact taking time off (from work) improves your physical and mental health.

When people ask me what I do in my free time, i simply chill out. I chill out with my guided meditation music on play and yes… my note book and pen ready to jot down all my thoughts and never ending creative ideas. That pretty much sums up my rather (chilled) days when I am not in work mode. When I am not choreographing, teaching or business planning. I take a stroll to Cafe Nero (which is where I am now while I am writing this), and peacefully sipping on my tasteful hot Mocha.

Feel free and appreciate freedom

Anyways, right now I honestly feel content. This is one opportunity and privilege I take great advantage of. Is to take time off to simply relax. Take it easy and take it slow. Especially since we are living in an industrial western world, that is always on the go… One thing I encourage you all is to live in the moment and to be grateful of what we have TODAY and where we are TODAY! Trust me. Time is in your hands. What do you do during your free time? Or what do you wish to do? Write down 5 of those methods now.

Relaxation - Senegal

Relaxation - Senegal

Surprisingly my free time in Cafe Nero allowed me to become more productive. For example, my free time (with a clear mind) led me to the thought of bringing back my blogs. I started blogging 3 years ago where I shared my creative lifestyle in the world of dance.

Adapting over time

So much has changed and progressed over the past 3 years. Because as we know, we grow and progress every single day. Saying that, we must adapt and evolve. In order to adapt we must allow FREE time. Question. Do you feel a shift in your dance practice over the past 3 years? Do you feel you have progressed? Of course you do. But what did you do in order to progress? Do you have a self-care regime? If so what is it? I ask those questions purposely for you to check in with your self. That free time gives us time to self reflect and look back at our ever-lasting journey.

Bringing back the old

Yes!! As I mentioned earlier about bringing back my blogs. I am super excited. But before I dive in allow me to briefly introduce myself and what I will be sharing. My name is Tamar Dixon. I am a dance artist, practitioner and founder of Unique Movez Dance Collective. I began Unique Movez in the summer of 2018. To provide dance training opportunities through workshops, projects and community classes. Apart from dance I love writing. I have published many thought provoking reviews for touring dance & theatre productions in 2017. I will be bringing back all of my past blog and review posts, right here. (So stay posted). In the meantime I will sprinkle parts of my dance journey from dance tips, lifestyle to business tips. Below is more information about the future blogs that will be coming out.

Let’s talk. Share your experiences. Do you take regular time out as a dancer?Have you ever felt overwhelmed with keeping up with the demands of work, dance training and even with bookings? Drop a comment below…

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