Dance injuries: REbuilding your confidence and physiological impact

Injuries can be a devastating experience for dancers, especially when they are at the peak of their careers and booming with opportunities. Dancers will experience some sort of injury at least once during their training. Despite facing injuries, this shouldn’t prevent dancers from pursing their dreams. Whether that is to be a performer, choreographer or an artistic director, always have faith in yourself to rise above the pain and keep it moving!

Kidderminster College - Dance photo shoot 2012

Kidderminster College - Dance photo shoot 2012

If minor injuries are left untreated, it’ll only escalate and potentially result in undergoing a major surgery. The impact of experiencing an injury varies depending on knowledge, understanding of safe practice and social support. Our founder Tamar shares her personal experience battling with RE confidence building as a result of a major surgery.

Although my ankle condition did not prevent me from pursuing my dreams, little did I know it’ll cause a scar on BOTH my body and mind. How I felt internally, awakened me to the psychological impact, dancers experience. This led me to take notes and acknowledge how other dancers cope with rebuilding their confidence - Tamar


During those early stages of an injury, we somewhat refuse to acknowledge that their IS a problem and disregard that small trip & fall. Sadly when we ignore those minor signs in the beginning, that pain will only worsen. You are strongly encouraged to share your medical experiences and ask questions with your dance associates or professionals you are in contact with. Seek help now. You don’t get. If you don’t ask.


In many dance environments we place such a high esteem on our physical ability. We emphasise far too much on commitment and heavy amounts of training. At times it can be very unrealistic and pressures us to reach those standards. Heavy loaded amount of training with no real self care regime, may lead to an injury. Then what happens next? You may be left feeling isolated. But instead of feeling isolated during recovery stages, it is important to value yourself, your efforts and commitment towards your dance training. Recovery and healing takes time but shift from falling into isolation.


Dancers often attach their ability to perform with their self-esteem. You can have all of the confidence, energy and crisp technique…. BUT, when you consistently doubt your ability it all crumbles down. Low-esteem can negatively impact on your actions and the way you function in the studio. Dancers start to contemplate whether they are capable of mastering a specific dance move. One way forward is to shift the focus towards making improvements and simply accept your strengths and weaknesses. Overall what I’ve learnt is that it takes TIME to overcome any form of psychological distress caused from injuries. In some cases, this may take longer to heal than physical distress.

Hopefully this weeks blog has increased your understanding of how injuries causes an impact on our minds and not just on our physical bodies. If you are a dancer and currently struggling to REbuild your confidence please share your experiences or ask questions. Comment below

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