10 tips to staying motivated and confident along your dance practice

Being inspired awakens us to new possibilities and new experiences. Here are 10 quirky tips to encouraging self-motivation and confidence along your dance practice. However this applies to anyone wishing to find ways to encourage self-motivation, whether you are a dancer or not.

1) Embrace your uniqueness.

Yes identify your qualities and embrace it. There’s only one you, so embrace what makes YOU uniquely different. Cherish your imperfections because no one else will. Find at least 5 dance qualities and skills you have or anything you simply love about yourself and say it out loud every morning for 14 days.

2) Aspire to Inspire.

What are your aspirations, your goals, your dreams? Whatever it is, remember it’s only YOU who controls your vision. Start reaching out towards your aspirations today. Who knows, your aspirations may unknowingly inspire others around you… Positive energy attracts positive people.

 3) Take tiny steps to success.

There is nothing wrong with taking a tiny step forward, as appose to taking a leap. What holds us back from taking a step, is procrastination and self doubt. All sorts of doubtful thoughts circulate at the back of our mind (subconscious). This does us no good but distract us from being proactive. To ensure you reach the TOP of your ladder, is to feel 100% confident within yourself, stay focused and be mentally strong.

4) Too blessed to be stressed.

Avoid over commitment and instead prioritise tasks. Remember to set aside leisure time and be spontaneous!!! Count your blessings for every achievement you make. There is nothing wrong with taking a break every so often. Slow down and take 10 minutes every morning to meditate. That could be reading out affirmations, listening to guided music, reading a book or even yoga. Give yourself a break and feel blessed.

5) Stay true to yourself.

Stay true to what you believe in and to what satisfies you. Along your dance and or creative journey, invest in YOUR practice. Know who you are. Know who you want to be and where you want to be. If you don’t know then take every day as it comes.

6) Don’t run before you can walk. 

You’ll only trip and fall and then find yourself starting all over again. Look around you and be observant with your artistic choices. Always question yourself, ‘is this for me..will this benefit me?’. Not every opportunity is for you. Take a step back before you grab the opportunity. There is nothing wrong with saying no and walking in the other direction.

7) I can and I will.

Start your morning off with a positive, can-do attitude with affirmations. Do not dwell too hard on any negative experiences, that’ll only drag you through the week. So for every negative and doubtful thought, switch it up for a positive compliment to yourself or talk your day ahead. For example say out loud, ‘Today I will [insert your goal].’

8) Me, Myself and I.

Every choice you make and every step you take, all starts with the way you think & feel about yourself. Our behaviour and attitude contributes towards our lifestyle. Therefore be mindful of how you think and treat yourself. At times we can be our own worst enemy. Be spontaneous and take a risk. Be confident in your decisions, trust yourself and love yourself enough to see worth in all of your efforts and achievements. Learn to love yourself.

9) Focus on you.

One unique way of staying focused lies along the lines of ‘Visualisation’. Visualise your future. Use your creative imagination to envision your end goal. What will it look like and where will you be? You can dream it, imagine it or draw it. You are the master of your own creation.

10) Engage your mind, body and soul.

Be engaged with what satisfies you. Be grounded in your career prospects & dance practice. Create a platform for yourself and simply (as Unique Movez would say) express ya self. It is pointless trying to be a master at everything, when you can be the master with ONE skill. Feel motivated enough to embrace your one skill or that one desire.

Yours Truly

I hope this has assisted you with improving confidence and self motivation. If over time these 10 tips have indeed helped you, please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback. Drop a comment below

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